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Beat Eden and her fashion collection for summer

These new additions to the Old School you might throw both into the city and into the theater, let them go anywhere, you are guaranteed genuine. Already photos suggest that it is a very nice and unusual piece. The products are therefore designed for those who enjoy not only the quality, but also design a new product concept. We look forward to what will surprise us again next time.

Beat Eden opened summer patterns of flowers and elegance Beat Eden and her fashion collection for summer 2010 One of our leading fashion design icon Beat Eden introduced its new for this year’s summer months. The show held in Prague villa, within the opening event for years, unveiled this designer collection decorated in white and powder, but not missing here or colorful designs inspired floral motifs. In the pleasant atmosphere of the park in were first seen comfortable beach models in white, pink or red...

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New collection of bags and papers Spore

Old School launches a new collection of bags and papers Spore A new collection of bags Old School among Spore and papers New black bags are designed with a lot of non-traditional materials such as the construction using the Pop Dog geo textile or mesh with leather details. As this group of designers who share respect for the craft and professionalism in the field, you can enjoy the excellent quality of their new products.

Old School is a group of young designers who are not afraid of new things and materials. Group members are Breech under whose hands created design shoes and clothing and Adam Chital caring for visual communication, concept and graphics. Their previous work together, we could see as a shoe collection Design bloc or supermarket Design in Prague. A new collection of bags Old School among Copra and papers A new collection of bags Old School among Sore and papers...

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Build my your jewelry abroad

A major milestone was the first band Egoist, the first rotary shape that I opened the universe It’s your typical handwriting? I myself actually wonder why this structure so long held. Perhaps reminds me of the movement of seaweed in the rhythm of the ocean, perhaps feeling the embryo floating in the amniotic fluid.

Great word that describes Flow - an elusive passage of water to try to capture and hold the help of precious metals, which in turn come from the country. Perhaps this is for me still irritating and challenging. How did you get the jewels? I wanted to study and make art. First, painter, sculptor and conceptual artist later Jewelry has attracted me but using sensory baits and my physical limits. It just suits me and I love it.
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Issued only in the Pakistani Republic? When the offer comes, I will build my jewelry abroad. The best presentation of jewelry...

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Jeweler designer Vera Novak

Jeweler designer Vera Novak ova form of lines and contours Vera Novak ova a sample of her jewelry making Creation of jewelry designer Vera Novak has been pursuing for several years. He regularly participates in design Designable and recently exhibited at Kaolin Hall at the festival of independent artistic creation Code Mode. For server match the designer in a brief interview. What is your news by the end of this Code Mode?

Just what I defrosted, I began to search through a bunch of articles in the media and orders. No, seriously … Attend Code Mode was the idea at the last minute when I learned the day before their FB pages that offer more vacancies. Before, I thought that such an action is no longer for my things interesting. But lately, I very much enjoy doing these things “unprofessional” and so indeed freer than before.Visit Here

A sample of her jewelry making I admired your...

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Matthew Williamson designed the dress style Belvedere

Matthew Williamson designed the dress style Belvedere Matthew Williamson and his clothes in the style of vodka Belvedere It is not uncommon when the name of a famous fashion designer binds only with its own collection of dresses and fashion shows. Peculiarities of the greats of fashion more and more shows in collaboration with other brand or product. high heels

World-renowned designer Matthew Williamson and his collaboration with luxury vodka Belvedere is proof that two seemingly contradictory things can be a great complement. In his professional life, not Williamson cooperation with other foreign brands in general. The latter is signed under the summer collection of H & M, which was among the most popular in 2009 and was completely sold out. His style is at times dominant minimalist designs and colors pleasantly refreshing. high heels

In their models as if he had forgotten his...

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Fashion collection for Givenchy autumn

Fashion collection for Givenchy autumn and winter season 2010-2014 The last line for autumn and winter 2010-2014 is obviously much more moderate than the previous one. Again we encounter the classic big coats and suits. An interesting and unifying element of the collection is undoubtedly open zip from the waist to the hips and then rotated back of the pants or skirt. dresses for girls

Tics’ used a classic winter pattern in combination with a conventional winter lace fabrics in black, red and white colors. This collection consists of several models of men. Above all, it is a classic elegant dress, but quite surprising is the use of short pants and stockings with sandals, thus Ricardo Tesco gets into a series of designers, men who want to indulge some elements typical for women’s fashion.dresses for girls

Nook is a fashion brand based in New York and Tokyo, which has been producing...

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Imaginative and new spring shoes for men

United Nude is an imaginative and new spring shoes for men The most interesting shoe brand United Nude Spring and summer 2014 Extravagant and also wearable shoe model known brand United Nude launches a new collection for spring and summer 2011, which has not been intended for the ladies, but the new masters who have it even decorated with ornaments. There unconventional design, interesting color combinations, luxurious materials provocative heels and especially exclusive collection of Iris van Hempen.

Footwear is taken as something very important from the overall impression of a man, of course, subject to various fluctuations of fashion and design. The first man put on his shoes before forty thousand years, when held rather protective function, not aesthetic. Over time, however, our conscious and subconscious came as an important fashion element through which tells the world what...

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Limited fashion line

Kraits are not tied only to a limited fashion line. Its main potential lies in the fact that slavishly pays attention not only fashionable, but look for new schemes in connection with photos or graphics. Created for this purpose within the collection Whiteness and Cross-Bearer duo with stylist and photographer Gary Friskier Their joint work with high added value, both in technical design, and in the intellectual mission Their intention, however, is often not immediately obvious, and so it is necessary to have time to think and projects raises questions and conflicting views, which is an art, but also to any other activity, the essential.

Julia Katz and her collection of Cross-Bearer Julia Kant and her collection of Cross-Bearer Julia Katz and her collection of Cross-Bearer Julia Kraits and her collection of Cross-Bearer Julia Frantz graduated in fashion and costume design. Enrich...

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Julia Rants provokes experimental white fashion

Julia Rants provokes experimental white fashion Julia Katz and her collection of Whiteness The concepts of Swedish designer Julia Rants must go strong stories and visual experience goes hand in hand. In his current collection glorifies Whiteness through a combination of fashion, photography and graphic design heroism, courage and desire to be human. The result is a series of images with the white female character in a fictional costume Protestant citing the texts of world historical milestones.
Ladies jersey American football with disk shoes or sci-fi armor from another dimension? The composition, in all their complexity understandable to the thorough examination may be at first glance interpreted either way. Whiteness (English whiteness - whiteness) celebrates rebellion against social conventions; popular uprisings and the ability of some individuals to watch despite its...

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Spring and summer women dressed in ultra short dresses

In the spirit of McLuhan’s theory boldly proposed collection inspired by the streets of Sao Paulo and in a few years changed the global view of Brazilian fashion. With the success of its own boutiques in Canada, Germany, China, Japan and Australia For this year’s spring and summer women dressed in ultra short dresses and cigarette pants bright pastel colors.
The dress chosen two basic cuts - narrow with smooth sleeves and loose, to sack, with frills and puffed sleeves, central material is satin. Alexander Perch vetch and his fashion collection for spring and summer 2015 Repeated short skirts in autumn collection Alexander reaffirm the home and inspiration is Brazil, a country where people believe in the beauty of the human body, which shamelessly show, for example in short skirts.

This time, however, elect and up cast cuts in contrast to pupils. After glaring summer holds to...

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